Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Knowledge and Education For Free

Looking to get some free online lessons so that you can improve on a particular subject? Well, since I'm always try to find those kind of lessons or tutorial everyday, I decide to make a list of all the websites and places I found so that other people don't have to google all day.
IMPORTANT: These courses, lessons, or video tutorial below require self-learning ability. If you find it hard to study on your own, I recommend study this with your friends or classmates so that you can help each other out. Good Luck
OCW stand for OpenCourseWare was started by University of Tübingen in Germany, but went unnoticed until MIT begun their OCW in October of 2002 . By the year 2005, OCW Consortium was found. With over 2800 courses from almost 200 universities worldwide,This is the biggest place online for your free education needs. You can i find almost any subjects from math to art and philosophy. OCW also provide courses in many language like Japanese and Spanish. I think this is the best source you can find and they got a lot of really nice lecture videos and notes from big university like MIT and UC Irvine. Also when choose a university or subject you will be directed to the official site. This is one of it's downside, since all the universities' website are different, you have to navigate around those sites and probably visiting a few website before you find what you want. Let's just say this site is the Google or database of the OpenCourseWare.
Favorite course: All MIT courses
Similar to OCW Consortium, This website provide you with lecture video and course, but there are only 16 Universities and all of them are in America so this mean English only. Sorry non-english speaker :( Heeey wait how could you read this if you don't know English :).Anyway, the best thing is that every resource is hosted on this site, which mean no more getting your brain fried trying to find courses you want. Oh and the thing is you can find lecture from Harvard, UCLA and a few other university that can not be found at OCW Consortium; not sure why Harvard and UCLA are not member of OCW Consortium. :-?
Favorite course: Computer science course from Harvard

This is the most freaking awesome place to learn math. Created by Salman Khan, who got 3 BS from MIT and MBA from Harvard, in 2004-2005; you can find every math lessons plus an automated exercise to practice. Stuff like calculus is very well explain and easy to understand. I was pretty bad at trigonometry until I finish watching all of the the lessons he have. Note that some of the old video is in a horrible quality because it was posted on Youtube before they have hd format. As of in mid 2010, Google have donate 2 millions $ to Khan Academy ,which mean more free tutorial for us :) . Besides math they also got history, finance, biology, chemistry, physics and organic chemistry. And the best part of the site is the Test Prep section; this section is so awesome that i need to give more detail to about it. There are 3 Test Prep: SAT(math only), GMAT, and CAHSEE.
  • SAT: Mr. Salman record video of himself solving and explaining problems. There are 8 math pratice tests(432 problems) ,which are the test that come with the book called "The Official SAT Study Guide". This is a must-visit page for those who are preparing for SAT. Click here to find out more info.
  • GMAT: This is for business students out there who want to ace the GMAT(Graduate Management Admission Test). First thing first, I recommend you to buy this book called "The Official Guide for GMAT Review" because the the practice problem is in the book. So try to solve the problem first and watch the solution videos for MAXIMUM awesomeness.
  • CAHSEE(The California High School Exit Exam): This is for those brainy high school students out in California(sorry California only) who want to get into college early, you can take this test and finish high school before most(all) of your friend, but don't forget to check Khan Academy's CAHSEE prep test before you go. Good luck ;)
Favorite: Maths

First thing to do is to install itune. So go do it and I'll go grab my tea............................................ okay i'm back and let's talk more about Itunes U and what you can find there. First U stand for university, so as you guess, most of the video are upload by many universities. The thing is that there is a lot of video lacture and university courses, but i do not know if it is bigger the OCW Co. Even Khan academy have an channel on Itune U. So for Iphone and Ipod user this mean you can listen and study when and where ever you want(except on top of your gf to avoid conflict ;). So how do you get to Itune U page?? Just follow these step:
  1. Install Itune U like I told you in the very beginning
  2. Open the Itune on your destop
  3. Click on Itune Store on the left sidebar 
  4. There is a bar on top that have Home, Music,....., Itune U is at the end of the line
So happy learning. Dont have an Iproduct? Get one here :0
Favorite course: Too many favorite :0
Currently still in the beta phrase, Wikiversity was lauched in august 15, 2006. This site is like the center of information and research. However like most wiki, the contents are provided by user; so expect some error here and there. Also there isn't any video lessons here,but for those looking for text-base learning; this is the place to go.
Favorite: sorry i have never try it. i like video lecture better.
I'm sure everyone know what Youtube is by now, but in case you don't know, Youtube is the largest and most popular video-sharing website online.With million of user uploading their videos, you can find any type of tutorial and lesson. To search for video try typing in:
  • -How to [blank] or how to do [blank]
  • -[blank] tutorial
  • -[blank] walkthourgh
Video lecture from universities are also available in Youtube EDU which is a lot similar to videos you find on Itune U but the number are far less then ItuneU. However, why not check it out since it is free anyway, right?
Favorite: TheNewBoston
A place where you can learn everything about web and database programming. They got so many lessons like HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript,VbScript, Ajax, jQuery, XML, SQL, RSS, Flash,etc. To make it even more awesome the site have the " Try It Yourself" feature where you can write the code you just learn and test it right on the site. The addition of Quiz and reference, make this W3schools a must visit place for web programming lover. 
Favorite: Currently studying HTML :)
You can only find a few courses on this site. However if you like the text-base learning like Wikiverisity, you should definitely check this out.
Favorite: Just like Wikiversity,I've never into this one.